Think Like An Entrepreneur- ‘Utsav 16’

“Entrepreneurs can create anything because they live in possibility.”- Jonathan Budd

An old Japanese proverb states, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” This quote is the essence of entrepreneurship as sometimes you’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.

U logo.jpg

They say that the biggest risk in life is to not take any risk at all. At GIM, the E-Cell– our very own entrepreneurship gurus- organise an annual entrepreneurship fest called ‘Utsav’ which showcases students’ entrepreneurial talent in the form of food and game stalls. E-Cell conducts a bidding process to select those students whose business proposals are excellent and allots them a stall for the event.

    U7.jpg    U13.jpg

          u9.jpg      game2.jpg        U6.jpg

This year’s ‘Utsav’ was definitely something to remember! The build up to the event was phenomenal and it definitely created that much desired buzz around campus. Some of the creative promotional events included lawn décor during Diwali with lights, colourful and aesthetically appealing UTSAV signs, a unique promo song ‘Utsav Jam’ written and performed by our very own GIM-ites and posted on YouTube, the daily countdown featuring our batch mates, videos depicting the fun times had during past Utsav events as well as a special midnight burger surprise!

U PRYAS.jpg          UT.jpg

Utsav 2016 certainly left everyone craving more with its vast variety of stalls serving delicious food from all over like Tandoori chicken, white sauce Penne Pasta, steamed momos, chaat, eclairs, tender coconut soufflé, home-made beef curry, chicken xacuti, Biscuit cake, delicious mini cupcakes as well as a variety of coolers and soft drinks. 

U8.jpg       15202640_819659678136439_5152033688208939233_n.jpg

 UT1.jpg     UT3.jpg    ut2

The game stalls had everyone screaming in delight and some of our own talent- Naizian Fernandes, Durgakumar Samant and Blossom D’souza (PGP1) and Abhishek Sharma(PGP 2) performed songs just to get the mood soaring even higher. Not to forget the ‘fish pond’ with the usual ‘secret messages’ and declarations- be it from true sources or just a bunch of annoying close friends. All in all, there probably isn’t a soul on campus who would say that Utsav 2016 wasn’t one of the best events that was organised all year long!

U3.jpg  U4.jpg


Kudos to E-Cell and we hope that next year’s Utsav will be even bigger and better. Thanks for the memories and for inspiring us to truly ‘think like an entrepreneur’.

Summer Solstice 2016

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is an auspicious moment, a time of celebration when we honour the light and our connection to the Sun and the Earth. All over the world, different cultures celebrate this moment in various forms and our ancestors even built a number of impressive monuments to commemorate this time. At GIM, we celebrate a different kind of light- the flame of excellence that burns within each one of us.


Ralph Marston said, “Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude.” At GIM, we are continuously striving to develop that attitude for excelling- both in academics as well as cultural events. One such way that we reward students for excelling, particularly, in their Summer Internship projects is through the annual ‘Summer Solstice’ programme which is organised by the Student Alumni Relations Cell of GIM (SARC).

Summer Solstice aims at recognising the efforts of students during their summer internships and gives them an opportunity to win a Gold medal award for the best summer internship project.

SS2.jpg      SS6.jpg

The faculty mentors recommend mentees who have done a good job on their respective summer projects, which is then reviewed by a panel and the 10 best projects are shortlisted for the final presentation in front of a jury comprising of alumni. This year 8 projects from PGDM and 2 from HCM were shortlisted for the final presentation.

      SS5.jpg   SS7.jpg

      SS8.jpg    SS9.jpg

Summer Solstice 2016 concluded in the award for the “Best Summer Internship Project 2016” Gold Medal being awarded to Mr. Jubin Mathews.


Cultural Life at GIM

There’s something magical about festivals which brings everyone together, in a very special way. Of course, home is where the heart is… but sometimes living in a residential college isn’t too bad after all- especially, if that college is GIM!

Here, at GIM, our vibrant and diverse student community along with our cultural club ‘Razzmatazz‘ make every festival come alive. It doesn’t matter which corner of the country you come from- we celebrate everything here.

Recently, our Bengali community in association with ‘Razzmatazz‘ celebrated Durga Puja in a very special way with the much awaited food fiesta of the year- “Bengali Bhoj ‘16”. Just to make you green with envy- here’s a glimpse:

bb5.jpg  bb3.jpg

bengali b2.jpg  bengali-b1

Ask any of the seniors or juniors, the dishes were mouth-wateringly good and served by our very own Bongs and Razzies. They say, the food is always tastier when prepared and served with love. And I guess it must be true, because every dish served was, indeed, special!

bb2.jpg BBB.jpg

This festive season was also brought to life with a very special 3-day extravaganza- “Gharwali Diwali”. Razzmatazz really helped to create that magical atmosphere around campus with an amazing kickoff to the festive weekend- a sky lantern lighting ceremony at midnight! They also organised a ‘DJ night’ and several contests like Diya décor, Rangoli, Musica (an Antakshari event) and a very fun couple event‘Pair Up and Down’. Not to mention, a heartwarming puja and as always, a scrumptious Diwali buffet to follow!

DD1.jpg DD8.jpg dd2


DD5.jpg    DD7.jpg

No matter what festival is being celebrated on campus- you can definitely feel the emotion, the pride in our culture, the love of life, the warmth and magic of coming together to celebrate special moments everywhere around you.


Credits: Sprockets- for the amazing pics! ❤

Gurubhai- For ‘The Wolves of GIM’

“I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.”
― Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

The best way to predict the future is to create it. SOFIA– the finance club of GIM- continuously inspires the finance majors as well as the other interested students to rise to new heights and to excel in their chosen field through various competitions and by providing them with the market knowledge that they need to truly stand out from the crowd.

Trading in stocks and shares happens to be one of the things that the students of GIM do passionately and to give these trading buffs a taste of how trading was done in the good old days, SOFIA  organized an event called GURUBHAI, an On Floor Trading Event.

SOFIA 2.jpg

Back in the ages when there were no online stock exchanges, floor trading was used for trading. This was one event where the teams got a chance to apply their classroom learnings to real time scenarios. ‘Gurubhai’ saw participation of 25 teams of three members each. The event was spread over three rounds. Each team was provided with a corpus of Rs. 4,00,000. Teams had to use this to purchase or sell shares as per their devised strategy.

           sofia-8        sofia-7

After the end of the three rounds, cumulative net asset value score of each team was calculated and Team ANM emerged as winners. Team Knightraders were the runners up for the event.

          sofia-5   sofia-3


The crowd in a frenzy!

If it weren’t for the people who took risks, where would we be in this world? Thank you, SOFIA, for helping to keep the thrill of finance alive and running through our veins!

SOFIA 1.jpg


Kudos SOFIA!


Drishticon- A MECCA Initiative

“The task is not to see what nobody has seen yet, but to think of what nobody has thought of, but everybody sees. ”


Marketeers are nothing but problem solvers. So, MECCA decided to address the problems of the campus this time through their event- ‘Drishticon’. All the teams were given a location and were asked to find out multiple problems that students face pertaining to that location. They, then, had to test their research skills and analyse which problem was the most urgent and needed immediate attention. Based on the selected problems, the teams came up with innovative solutions in terms of a product or service offering.

M4.jpg    M10.jpg

M11.jpg     M12.jpg

In the next round, they named their brand, gave it a funny tagline and created live mascots for their product. As they presented their mascot in front of the people of GIM, the saviour of GIM was selected by the students through a Facebook poll.

m5  m13     M7.jpg    


The aim of the event was to see the campus problems from a different perspective- that of the students. And who knows, maybe the concerned student authorities will take note of the various campus problems and the innovative solutions which were introduced- Attention SAC!😛

M1.jpg mecc   M2.jpg

Being a MECCA event, the promotional activities were top-notch, as always. Kudos to MECCA for the creativity, zeal for excellence and for bringing to attention a topic of importance in a fun and lighthearted manner.

What’s Your Move?

“So, fill your heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest.”

One thing that you can be certain of when you join an MBA institute is that you will always be on your toes and sometimes, life can get just a little too hectic. So, how does one deal with such situations? Well, at GIM, we have HRiday -our HR club- which helped us to unwind after a really stressful quiz week with an extremely fun event called ‘What’s Your Move?’


Amongst submissions and the pending doom of mid terms and 4 tests in one week, the team stayed up all night to prepare for the event.“What’s Your Move?” was a fun team event based on strategy and team work. It rewarded participants based on whether they were making the right move at the right time.

HR5.jpg  HR6.jpg

The first round consisted of a game of Tic Tac Toe with a twist- wherein teams had to run and play the game simultaneously along with the other team. This round tested team work, quick thinking and effective strategy formulation.

HR11.jpg    HR9.jpg

The next round was a  team performance assessment program where the office environment was simulated. Team Leaders were sent mails every 10 minutes with specific tasks which they had to complete in 40 minutes. The team players could choose how many tasks they wanted to complete but each task had a certain number of points that came along with it. The tasks were such that the team members had to run around the college, gathering items, asking their friends for help and eventually making some decisions as well. Facebook was flooded with fun pictures of this task!

HR3.jpg HR2.jpg

The scores were then accumulated and the top 6 teams were chosen for the final round. The final round consisted of a triathlon. The team members had to swim, collect money to buy clues, solve a puzzle and eventually rescue one team member who was held captive by the HRiday team.


The Winners of What’s Your Move? were “Team Error 404”and the first runners up were “Team ANM”. Congratulations to them and thanks to HRiday for giving us an excellent stress reliever and some really fun memories to hold on to!

Creativity unleashed- ‘RunnBhoomi’

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”- Brene Brown

Creativity is passion and inspiration at work and Kshitiz definitely tries their best to give us channels through which we can unleash the creativity within us.


Kshitiz is GIM’s creativity club and it consists of some of the wittiest minds and talented artists! They are the student club that really tries to make life at an MBA college ‘happening’, which can be a struggle with the never ending quizzes, assignments and upcoming exams. Their latest event was named ‘RunnBhoomi’ and its theme was the ever popular- Bollywood.

IMG_20161016_112934724.jpg                   rb2                                rb4

It definitely achieved its goal of getting GIM’s filmy quotient to soar high! Part of the event included participants posting their craziest videos with the most EPIC dialogues/dance numbers or scenes from Bollywood movies. They really put the ‘Dub in the Smash’ with their insanely funny dubsmash videos!

RB10.jpg             RB9.jpg

There were 25 teams which participated in all the mayhem and madness but only the chosen five went on to the final round. ‘RunnBhoomi’ was a very fun event which basically consisted of several tasks like lemon spoon racing, newspaper walking, Taboo, Bollywood quiz etc. The final round was a treasure hunt with clues at different places leading to a final Bollywood song and they had to guess the movie from which the song was taken and upload a video with a song from the movie.

 RB5.jpg   RB6.jpgRB8.jpg     Kshitiz full.jpg

Vincent van Gogh said, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” Thank you, Kshitiz, for ensuring that life on campus is never, truly boring.

Different but not less- ‘Sensored’

“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.”- Robert M. Hensel

As Martina Navratilova said, “Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.” So often, all we can see are their differences when most of them are just wishing desperately to be treated as individuals in their own right.

In fact, disabled should just be replaced by ‘differently-abled’. Just tolerating difference isn’t enough anymore. We need to learn to accept and celebrate it because being different or differently-abled and making something of yourself in today’s world takes a lot of courage and a whole lot of spunk.


Our very own social sensitivity and action club of GIM- Samarthan organised an enlightening yet light hearted event called “Sensored’ in order to sensitize everyone to the challenges faced by differently-abled people. Each team consisted of two participants. The event saw a number of teams participating and a lot of spectators showing up just in order to be part of all the action!

samarthan1.jpg         img_5964-1

‘Sensored’ was an insanely fun obstacle course event which also promoted social sensitivity in a very creative manner. There were a couple of fun stages of the contest- the first being a “sight impaired” course where one team member was blindfolded and had to make his/her way through an obstacle course with directions shouted out by his team mate. The second stage consisted of one team member using earphones with loud music playing- basically being “hearing impaired”. The objective of the second round was to make that team member guess what the other one was saying because he wasn’t able to hear it over the loud music blasting in his ears! That round definitely was a crowd pleaser and you could hear the loud bursts of laughter fill the campus of GIM. 


There’s a quote which puts everything in perspective so beautifully- “Different but not less.” If you know someone who has a disability- whether physical or mental- believe in them, encourage them and invest your love in them. Most people see what is and never see what can be… Thank you, Samarthan for helping us to ‘see’ a little better!

Back to the Streets- Street Football ’16

Sports are about those moments which make our hearts beat faster, when we can feel the adrenaline pumping through our veins…Those moments which literally take our breath away.

Prayas3.jpg                      Prayas5.jpg

Prayas– the Sports club at GIM- brings us plenty of those moments, the latest being- “Street Football 2016”.What is it about football that somehow manages to connect both athletes as well as spectators alike? It’s probably the excitement, the sheer thrill of the game, seeing a team make a spectacular comeback and win a game after being severely behind in the first half or sometimes even the nerve wracking feeling when a match extends to penalties. It’s about those spectacular moments when sheer desire and will power overcome all odds.

Prayas7.jpgThis year’s football saga went on for 8 days and saw a total of 23 teams participating with seven members each- two of which compulsorily had to be girls. Every day that the matches were held, you could feel the passion for sports, the competitive spirit in the air and witness the fun and laughter too as teams playfully messed around in the MPH while waiting for their matches to start. The event saw a lot of natural athletes participating as well as those who weren’t so familiar with playing football. That’s the best thing about GIM- you get to play the sports you love and you also get a chance to explore various sports and figure out the ones you’re good at!



We watch sports for the excitement but we definitely watch it for the drama too and this tournament had its fair share with a player- Suraj Hariharan- getting slightly injured during the football finals. However, in the world of sports, once you fall down- you get right back up and he did just that! He continued to play really well and his consistent overall performance earned him the coveted ‘Best Male Player’ trophy. The ‘Best Female Player’ trophy was secured by Poorva.




Prayas is definitely ‘sports royalty’ on campus and they really do earn the title! The winning team contained three of our very own Prayasis- Keith D’souza, Kimberly Nunes and Lokesh Kumar. Not to mention, Keith winning the ‘Golden Boot’ trophy for highest scorer during the event. Kudos, guys!


“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”- Mary Lou Retton. So, guys whether you won or lost, these memories are sure to stay in your hearts (big thank you to Prayas) and Facebook walls forever (PS: You can thank Sprockets for that).

Winners:  Cumback Kings

1st Runner up: Funtoosh

Golden boot: Keith D’Souza

Best Male Player: Suraj Hariharan

Best Female Player: Poorva