Festive Fervour

“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.”

Festivities always bring along immense joy and happiness along. They bind everyone with a sense of togetherness, surpassing all the differences. Come August and it’s the time to celebrate one more festival: Janmashtami, the birth day of Lord Krishna.

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And when it comes to organizing festivals, who does it better than RaZzMaTaZz. A splendid arrangement of the Janmashtami puja was done by them, so that nobody misses out on a thing.

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Everyone donned on their traditional best, were there for the ceremony. The festive air was full of smiles and laughter around.


Cheers to RaZzMaTaZz, for making everyone feel home away from home. 🙂


Dahi Handi Celebrations

Recalling Managerial Economics from term 1, there is something called complement. Butter to bread, polish to shoe, potato to samosa, refill to pen.. and the list can go on. Some things are incomplete without their better halves.

Similarly, Dahi Handi to Janmashtami.

Dahi Handi is celebrated along with  Janmashtami. An earthen pot(handi) filled with dahi (yoghurt) is hung by a rope, at a  height. People arrange themselves in teams, make a vertical human pyramid and attempt to break the pot. The event is based on the legend of the Krishna stealing butter and other milk products as a DSC_0703-2baby (he is also called Makhan chor), the community hiding the products by hanging them high out of his reach, but he finding creative ways to reach what he wanted.

To give everyone a taste of the same, Prayas organized a fantastic and energetic Dahi Handi function. Numerous teams participated in order to reach the handi and triumph over breaking it.  Girls poured water over the teams to add on to the fun.



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All these and the countless moments of laughter shared: reflects the spirit of togetherness amongst the GIMites! ❤ 🙂

Dance is the new black!

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” -Albert Einstein


Assignments piling on, deadlines breathing over the shoulder, numerous quizzes… The list is endless. However, stealing some time from the hectic schedule, GIMites found themselves at the Zumba Dance Workshop, organized by RaZzMaTaZz, the cultural club of GIM.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Affrin Sheikh, a licensed zumba Instructor. After completing her Master’s in Psychology, Affrin Shaikh took up Zumba Fitness and became a professional instructor. She taught the GIMites some amazing dance moves over a few hours, making sure that everyone gets rejuvenated and refreshed.

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RaZzMaTaZz also made sure that everyone stays pumped up throughout by providing everyone with refreshments. It also gave the students a chance to win exciting prizes and win the following titles:
– Mr. Zumba
– Ms. Zumba

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A Zumba Boomerang competition (upload a boomerang video on Facebook during Zumb-It-Up with #ShakeItTillYouMakeIt and #RaZzMaTaZz ) was also announced which added to the excitement.

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It was absolutely fun and amazing to put on the dancing shoes and dance it out with RaZzMaTaZz, who came up with this awesome stress-buster exercise for everyone!


Quizzing Fever On!

“The human brain is a most unusual element of elegant and as yet unknown capacity.”


What does quizzing mean to most of us? Fast, rapid, heart-on-your-sleeve feeling? Quite some rush. To bring in the same rush to the campus, BRAINVISTA, the quizzing club of GIM, organized their first event of the season: A.U.T.O.S.

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The bright minds on campus formed groups of two and in came 84 teams for registration in the first round. The questions mainly encircled the current affairs, with some fun elements added to them.

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Out of the 84 teams, 15 victorious ones marched into the second round to fight on and rack their brains.

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Finally after a gruelling fight, Team “Lumos” emerged out to be victorious and winning A.U.T.O.S., while Team “Team Name Here” held the runners up position.

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All thanks to Brainvista to urge GIMites to put on their thinking caps and feel the heat of quizzing!


Picture Credits: Sprockets 🙂

The Nestlé Story- An Enriching Experience

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Mr. Suresh Narayanan, the Chairman and MD of Nestlé India, inspired our students with an enriching and captivating talk on “The Nestlé Story and My Leadership Experience” at Goa Institute of Management. He traced Nestlé’s journey from its humble roots as a baby food manufacturer to now becoming the world’s largest consumer goods company. He took the students through various brands, brand stories and even advertisements to showcase what Nestlé stood for. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-16 at 1.31.46 AM“Everyone has a purpose. You must stand for something. A larger being has a larger purpose,” he stated. He then went on to tell us about the Nestlé purpose which has always been to ‘enhance the quality of life and contribute to a better future’. Nestlé is one of the few organizations in the world which are working towards developing food for people with Alzheimer’s- a mental illness that causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour.

MD Nestle

He then spoke about his leadership experiences through various positions in different countries. He admitted that the value he strongly adheres too, as does Nestlé is Respect. The company’s values are deeply rooted in respect: for themselves, for others, for diversity and for the future. Its business operations have an impact on individuals and families (healthier lives), communities (enhance livelihoods, CSR) and the planet (stewarding resources for future generations).


Mr. Suresh Narayanan

Mr. Narayanan stated that, “If you want to make a difference as an organisation, you cannot only touch the periphery.” He then enlightened us on the various CSR activities that Nestlé undertakes such as the ‘Healthy Kids Program’ for 2nd and 3rd tier schools to deal with the problems of both malnutrition and obesity, ‘Mamta’- an outreach initiative with an NGO to spread awareness about motherhood and raising children, creating access to water and sanitation in rural schools around Nestlé’s factories and so many more.

He ended the talk with a very inspiring message for all of us saying, “Only by collective action can we make a difference. The lasting legacy of your life is going to be the number of lives you touched.”

Thank you, Ribandar Talks, for inviting a business leader who was not only motivating and an inspiration to us all but who also gave us a thorough insight into the mind and life of a Global Leader!


The Warriors Come Home!

“A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit.”

NOSTOS, the Grand Alumni Meet(GAM) 2017, was held on 13th August, 2017, celebrating the 25 glorious years of Goa Institute of Management, at the Sanquelim Campus. It was presided over by Father Romuald – Founder of GIM, Dr. Ajit Parulekar – Director, as the chief guests. Batches over the past 24 years flew in to attend the nostalgic extravaganza, welcomed by the 25th batch.


The Annual General Body Meeting was held in the morning, which was attended by all the alumni present. The prime objective was to discuss issues regarding the college and about optimizing the available resources for a meaningful outcome with respect to the welfare of GIM.


The afternoon event started off with lamp-lighting, followed by the Director’s address, highlighting the major role alumni plays towards the developmental regime of GIM and about the multiple accolades that GIM has won so far. After that, Father Romuald delivered a short speech on his vision about the changing role of alumni and how that will contribute towards a brighter future of GIM.

Fr. Romauld

This year, the Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to Mr. Gagan Banga, VC & MD, Indiabulls Housing Finance, who was also a student of the 1998 batch of GIM.  In his acceptance speech, he spoke about his reminiscences from his college days, his goals, aspirations and journey to the pinnacle of success.gagan banga

After the insightful talk by Mr. Banga, the students were directed towards the five classrooms, one each for the four sections of PGDM course and one for the HCM course for Buddy Talk, which was the Student-Alumni interactive session. Five such talks were held were organized in which distinguished alumni from various domains of the industry, mentored the students and shared their experiences.

buddy talk 2

At the same time frame, Opportunity Mapping was being conducted which was an incubatory /mentoring session by the alumni towards budding entrepreneurs of GIM. The students presented their ideas in front of a panel who, in return, weighed the pros and cons of their business models, to polish them into better and effective plans.

opportunity mapping - Copy

The evening wrapped up with a standup comedy by a PGP1 student, Osama Kamran and musical performances by GIM’s very own musical band, Midnight Jam. The Grand Alumni Meet ended on a note of everlasting bonds between the alumni and the current students, of recollection of memories and promises to make more.

Time to Act: Industrial Digitalization

“Today if you go home from an Industrial Company, you will come back tomorrow to a Digital Industrial Company. And if you don’t, you are going to obsolete.” Ex CEO, GE, Jack Welch.

Goa Institute of Management was privileged to have Mr. Nitin Bhate, CMO & Digital Sales Leader, GE South Asia, to talk about Driving Digital Industrial Transformation, organized by Ribander Talks.
Mr. Nitin Bhate has completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University, USA. Post this, he started his career with GE in GE Global Research, New York, GE. Since then, he has held many leadership positions Global Research and Power & Water business, both in India and USA. To understand the dynamics of business world, Mr. Bhate studied General Management from IIM Bangalore in the year 2010-2011.
Mr. Nitin Bhate described the ongoing era as one of the three transformational eras, after Industrialization and automation, Digitization. “Digitalization is dominating the world. Digital is changing the way we talk, we work, we see.” Added Mr Bhate.


“Industrial internet will connect machines with people and improve productivity, reduce cost and more” said Mr. Nitin explaining the need of Industrial digitalization. To answer the question of why Industrial Digitalization is the need of the hour, Mr. Bhate talked about the reasons as the Censor prices have dropped, making collecting and analyzing data easier. Also, with Internet of Things coming into picture, trends are changing exponentially, surpassing the magnitude of consumer.

Though Consumer Internet, like Amazon and Uber, and Industrial Internet is similar in the way it brings technology into the process, they are different in a lot of ways too. Industrial Internet has a much lower scope of error and a high criticality of impact. Mr. Nitin Bhate describes how GE is taking the initiative of bringing transformation in the industrial internet domain. “What Google and Amazon are doing at a consumer level, GE is trying to do a an Industrial level.” Said Mr. Bhate. GE is working to connect processes and machines through internet that drives productivity and brings in more efficiency.


The enlightening session introduced us to a lot of nuances of the industry and students carefully gathered the apprehensions about the digital transformation happening in the industrial domain. To end the wonderful and informative talk, Mr. Bhate advised the aspiring industrial managers and leaders “Never stop learning. Push yourself, challenge yourself.”

We are grateful to Mr. Nitin Bhate to take out time to share his expertise and experience with us and also Ribander Talks to take the initiative to organize the session. We hope that we retain all the learnings from the delightful session and reflect them in our respective field of works and indeed, we never stop learning.


The Next Big Thing – Data Analytics

“Today, every discussion about changes in technology, business, and society begins with data. In its exponentially increasing volume, velocity and variety, data is becoming a new natural resource.”

Goa Institute of Management, in association with Equiskills.com organized a two-day certification course on MSBI and Excel Analytics. Equiskill.com is an online platform that certifies professionals and students in the field of HR analytics, Marketing analytics and more. The company was founded in the year 2015 with the vision to provide learners draw insights from the vast data to better the state of the business world.

The course was facilitated by Mr. Amit Upadhyay, CEO & Founder, Equiskill.com. Mr. Upadhyay has a rich and diverse professional experience in organizations like CSC, amazon and Citi Bank. He has worked across various profiles from HR to Analytics.


“The world of business is pouring in with volumes and volumes of data every second and this data needs to be cleaned, summarized and analyzed to make better decisions.” Mr Amit started with explaining the growing importance of data analytics. The course introduced the students with a lot of tools and functions inbuilt in Microsoft Excel that can make it easier for them to analyze data better and draw convincing and accurate conclusions.


Sankhya, The Analytics society of GIM, organizes such courses and workshops throughout the year to help GIM students get accurately equipped to become industry leaders. Sankhya is planning for many such workshops in the coming months. We sincerely thank Mr Upadhyay and Equiskills.com for sharing his exponential knowledge and experience with us and also, Sankhya for providing us with such a platform.


“Diversity is a mix. Inclusion is making the mix work.”

Debates and discussions: don’t we all indulge in them? And more, don’t we learn from them? The learning is enhanced when it’s an enriching and thought-provoking exchange between the stalwarts of the domain in question. Going along the same lines, the Placement Committee of GIM organized a panel discussion as a part of an HR Conclave. The invited panelists/ speakers were:

  • 1.Ms. Anuranjita Kumar,  CHRO-Citi, South Asia
  • 2.Ms. Renu Bohra, Senior Director HR, DB Schenker
  • 3.Ms. Supria Dhanda, VP HR, Sandisk
  • 4.Mr. Jithesh Anand, Group Head,  – Employee Development & Learning at SJ Mariwala


It started with a 10-min introductory remark by each of the speakers. Ms. Renu Bohra opened the discussion by quoting a 12-year old anecdote about her experience when it came to hiring students from various colleges across the country. She stressed upon the fact that diversity is not only on an economic basis, but at social, environmental and thought-process levels too. One of the many suggestions by her indicated that diversity should be present at the top level of management in any corporate. This can be driven by a structured approach towards looking after diversities, sensitization of managers and colleagues and proper communication across all levels.


Mr. Jithesh Anand threw light on the fact that inclusion is an important aspect when it comes to handling diversity, quoting him “Inclusion is about valuing differences”. Furthermore, he added that people should be treated with equity and that, because of a growth of the “Young India” population in the corporate workforce, there might be a lot of cross-generation and cross-functional deliberations, but tapping the differences and using them to their advantage is something that will benefit the companies. Diverse people and approaches will help each organization and focus more in inclusion on not what differentiates, but on what is common.

Ms. Anuranjita Kumar positioned her opinions about being from a minority section and the difficulties faced by one: “You realize how system works for you or against you only if you are minority”. The environment may exhibit zero-tolerance but it’s important to preserve one’s own strengths and perspectives. It’s important to be sensitive towards the people around us and keeping an open mind. Diversity can be a competitive advantage.


Ms. Supriya Dhanda focused on gender diversity as one of the facets of diversities. She also spoke about one’s definition about themselves, which is very important to know one’s goals and aspirations. She further said, “Diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice.” She stressed on focusing on being human and making a choice, a better one.

What followed the discussion was an open house discussion with a question-answer session. The questions asked by the students were about biases, diversity awareness in workplaces, successful corporate inclusion programmes etc. Ms. Anuranjita Kumar was also asked about her motivation behind her book ‘Can I Have It All?”, to which she explained that everyone faces stages in life when they must make choices. It’s about defining those choices and making them count, as she said, ‘each to their own’. That was her driving force behind writing the book.


The session concluded on the note that for successful implementation of diversity, one must be aware of their biases. Humans are different and workplaces are challenging. Appreciating these differences and mitigating the challenges towards a larger and better objective is what can bring upon organizational change.

Here come the Superheroes-SANJEEVANI’17

When you give blood, you give another birthday, another anniversary, another day at beach, another night under the stars, another talk with a friend, another laugh, another hug, another chance.

At GIM, we are constantly looking towards adding value to the community around us. One such initiative to give back to the society was taken on 18 July 2017. The HR club of GIM, HRiday, in association with Goa Medical College, organised SANJEEVANI, a blood donation drive at GIM. The theme, this year, was ‘Be a Superhero.’


Sanjeevani was started about a decade ago by HRiday. HRiday coordinates with GMC to make it possible, twice a year. Students, faculty and staff proactively come forward to contribute to the cause. This year, 70-75 people turned up to donate within a short duration of 2 hours. All the donors are given a donor card by GMC that allows them to get 2 units of blood from any medical institute in Goa at the time of an emergency.


HRiday does a commendable job in organising these kinds of events. They not only coordinate efficiently with GMC to gather all the equipments but also keep themselves ready to face any hurdle that may come in the way, as blood donation is indeed, a sensitive issue. When asked about how being a part of Sanjeevini makes them feel, they said “As HR people, it feels like we are giving back to our stakeholders.”


Indeed a superhero, the heart of GIM, Club HRiday❤!

Picture Credit: Sprockets 🙂