Ethical Data Conclave 2018

“Engineers should learn more about liberal arts and art students should learn more about artificial intelligence to inculcate human values in technology and use AI to a better extent”, said Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik, the keynote speaker of the Ethical Data Leadership Conclave organised by Goa Institute Of Management as a part of the series of events organised to celebrate the 25th year in management education.

The event commenced with an address by Director of GIM, Dr. Ajit Parulekar who welcomed the guests and enlightened them about the recently initiated Big Data Analytics Management Programme. He said that Data Analytics could well be the future in a life transforming way, so keeping that in mind the intake of students for this course would be increased in the upcoming batches to facilitate further growth in the technology sector. He said ” This data conclave furthers GIM’s objective of being a management thought-promoter and providing a platform for cutting edge discussions in emerging business domains such as Big Data Analytics.”

Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik, Former Chairman of Microsoft India, addressed the crowd with much enthusiasm speaking about his fascination with science fiction and how it’s all turning into reality, also highlighting how writers right from Aldous Huxley in the sixties to Harari today have brought into focus the ethical dimensions that these revolutions will or are throwing up. He said “With introduction of artificial intelligence the labour productivity would see an eventual hike but along with that the intelligence and education standards of the workplace would rise too”. He also spoke on the efficient use of AI and safety measures that has to be ensured to keep the technology in check.

This was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Nitin Upadhyay, core member of the Big Data Analytic programme at Goa Institute of Management which included addresses by the various other speakers invited at the conclave.

Dr Avik Sarkar, Officer on Special Duty at NITI Aayog used the platform to speak about how aspiring states are developing their analytics system and are climbing ranks in the analytics agenda of the government. He described fairness, accountability and transparency as the core values of artificial intelligence as recognized by the NITI Aayog.

Mr. Narasimha Murthy, Vice President of Technology and the Data Security function at Cartesian, coined the acronym CIA for describing data which stood for confidentiality, integrity and availability. He emphasized on the security aspect of data and the requirement of a rigid legal framework to ensure that data is made available to trustworthy people and a stage is reached where everything is secure.

The next speaker, Dr. Rahul De’ is the Hewlett-Packard Chair Professor in ICT for Sustainable Economic Development at IIM Bangalore. He discussed the impact of cloud services on data analytics and how crowdsourcing of massive amounts of data, sharing and backing up of this data was made easier using cloud connectivity.

The final speaker for the event, Mr. Anoop Nambiar is a Partner with Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India LLP spoke about how data is the new oil and how it’s requirement for modern day businesses are exponentially increasing. He recounted the problems related to AI like natural bias against particular things which come into play while decision making and other ethics related issues and how they could be solved gradually over time.

Dr. Upadhyay as well as the guests and volunteers present in the premises then raised several questions on various facets involved with data analytics which were answered by the speakers with much eagerness.

Prof Neeraj Amarnani, Faculty in Finance area at Goa Institute Of Management delivered the Vote of Thanks and appreciated the guests for attending the conclave and facilitating an insightful discussion on ethics and leadership with relation to data analytics.

Narasimha Murthy
Nitin Upadhyay
Avik Sarkar
Bhaskar Pramanik
Ajit Parulekar
Anoop Nambiar
Rahul Dé


Samriddhi 2018

Samriddhi 2018, as anticipated was larger than ever, marking the 25th anniversary of Goa Institute of Management. Leading speakers from different walks came together in the three days event to impart lessons and share their experiences with the students. This year’s theme was “Synergy- in the world of opportunities” and to talk about the same Samriddhi had some renowned names to be a part of the extravaganza.

The event was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr. Mehul Pandya, Executive Director, Care Ratings and started off with an address by Dr. Ajit Parulekar, Director, Goa Institute of Management who praised the efforts of the clubs involved in organisation and functioning of the event and also wished luck to everyone involved throughout the three days.



Mr. Mehul Pandya

Mr. Pandya has been the Executive Director of Credit Analysis and Research Limited since April 7, 2017. He served as the Chief General Manager of Credit Analysis and Research Limited until April 7, 2017 and has also served as its Chief General Manager of Business Development. Mr. Pandya has more than 20 years of experience in credit risk and financial sectors. He serves as the National Business Co-Head and also looks after new initiatives of CARE Ratings.

Taking students on a walk through the history of how collaboration and synergies have brought people together since times immemorial, he said that “unless countries collaborated, problems would not have been solved. Effective collaboration is not just a concept but a strategic choice that economies and countries have to make.”
39937404_2377233602299124_5628744796790063104_o (1)39941025_2377233568965794_3797563834915356672_o

Mr. Snehal Desai

A B.Tech graduate from CEPT and MBA (Fin) from Gujarat University. Mr. Snehal has worked with a Venture Capital Company Promoted by World bank and Asian Development bank named Gujarat Venture Finance Limited. Currently Mr Desai is working as the Senior Vice President at Adani Group. Apart from this he has his own rock band called Blood Brothers.

Speaking on the topic “Functional Synergy among Corporates and Originality”, Mr. Desai advised the students to be free mentally. He said “talent thrives on chaos. Chaos is a must. It leads to originality.” He highlighted the need for uniqueness and originality so as to climb up the corporate ladder; defining originality and intelligence as something that you have never done or seen in life.

Mr. Rohin Pinto

A Management professional with over 9 years of experience across various functions which include Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, Rohin Pinto is currently heading Karnataka OYO rooms.
An MBA graduate from Management Development Institute, Rohin has worked with Bharti Airtel ltd and Tata Consultancy Services. He talked about how hospitality and Real Estate have been reduced to two broken categories and how OYO uses the concept of incorporating Synergy in it, focusing on creating ‘Quality living spaces’.


Day 2

Mr. Puneet Gulati

Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO Barista-Lavazza talked about the teachings for management which is imperative for anyone to succeed and to survive. Mr. Gulati also said if you’re passionate enough for things in life, in every way you will achieve them. Mr. Gulati also talked about the hardships one has to face in the pathway to success. He walked us through various campaigns he ran while at Aircel and Worldspace and discussed the rationale and insights behind those.


Mr. Ashwin Sanghi

Mr. Ashwin Sanghi, Indian writer in the Fiction-Thriller genre, as a part of Samriddhi 2018, the National Business Symposium, told us the story of his journey in the writing industry. He spoke about how rejections aren’t the problem but the stepping stones to success. “If you consider any creative field as a profession, be prepared for failure. To succeed more, allow yourself to fail more”, he advised all the aspiring creative heads of GIM.

Whlie sharing his experience, Mr. Sanghi stated that 99% of our life is all about good luck which is a matter of preparations, meeting opportunities and the rest 1% is about ‘Bloody Good-Luck’ which is nothing but ‘Coping with Failure’.

Ms. Rakhee Samsi and Mr. Mukesh Mehta

Ms. Rakhee Samsi, Associate Vice President, HR, Idea Cellular and Mr. Mukesh Mehta, Vice President, Aditya Birla Group addressed the students as a part of Samriddhi 2018.

Mr. Mehta speaking on the topic of Synergy and mentioned that for the purpose of Synergy, a connection needs to take place but also people cannot be connected like devices. He added to it that creation of synergy takes place through a combination of common grounds of interest, values and skill set.

Ms. Samsi followed up with that stating that academic excellence does not guarantee personal and organizational success rather collaboration as an outcome of consistent behaviour would lead the person from a journey from I to We and help the person gain a lot of wisdom in life.



Day 3

The third day witnessed lots of events/competitions organized by various clubs and societies. All the events saw immense participation not just from the students of GIM but also from various other reputed colleges from all across the country.

Samriddhi 2018 ended at an even higher note and in a dramatic way, taking its final route  to another level with the cadence of the dhol making not just the students but also the professor to get on their feet and swing to the rhythm. This was followed by an  exquisite display of sky lanterns all over the night sky winding up the event for this year in an electric and energetic way. 41644170_1385971538171914_1385860451769778176_o


His Holiness On Campus

Only India has the ability to combine modern Indian education and traditional Indian knowledge to train the mind and control emotions”
– The Dalai Lama

It was indeed a proud day for GIM as we hosted His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama as a part of collaboration between GIM and The Dalai Lama Centre for Ethics and Transformative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The event started off with a welcome address by Prof Ashok Chandra, Chairman of GIM who welcomed His Holiness and stated that it’s a matter of pride for the whole college that a person who believes in the power of ethics and human values had come to enlighten the students of an institution whose core principles are the same too. This was followed by Dr Ajit Parulekar, Director of GIM breaking the news of the partnership between GIM and MIT.

Father Romuald D’Souza then welcomed all the dignitaries present in the crowd and emphasized on the fact that the presence of such honorable men in the institution facilitates quality education and makes us more humane in nature.


His Holiness The Dalai Lama found the tagline of GIM ‘Learning never stops’ quite intriguing and he started off by saying that “Always keep learning, even if it’s the end, learn something because it will create some impact on you”. He reverted to the main topic of the day ‘Today’s relevance of India’s ancient knowledge’ and spoke heartily on it. He said that we people have been running behind materialistic life due to which moral education has dropped drastically. Ancient Gurukuls which were the learning centres of yesteryears had the motto of serving the student in every aspect of the life which is absent in today’s world. He reasoned that humans are social animals and there should be gratitude amongst them, but the lack of this gratitude leads to emotional crisis and the present-day educational institutions do not teach us how to tackle this crisis. This is because it can only be learned through Indian traditions which comprise of secular moral principles and attaining peace of mind using methods like Samadhi and Vipassana as according to His Holiness, “Your tradition is your knowledge, it is now your duty to make it your own”.

Speaking further on the topic of Indian tradition he touched upon the subject of Ahimsa and how it is the basis of dealing with religious intolerance. He said that, “Take some effort to reduce contradiction and eventually eliminate intolerance to show rest of the world that harmony is possible”. Existing education according to him should include ancient Indian knowledge as well as the extensive logical approach called Nalanda tradition so that this learning would be the base of dialogues and fulfill the aim of a peaceful and compassionate sanctuary where all the dialogues are solved through sensible talk. His holiness stressed that holistic learning is an integral aspect of problem solving and said that “Sometimes a problem might appear unbreakable but when the same problem is looked upon from a wider perspective, it starts to look smaller and easier”.



He emphasised on the fact that always being ready to be on the affirmative side of something is not a healthy habit to nurture and the person should analyse and experiment with conviction and then realize the true solution for something. This conviction will provide you with the power of knowledge and can only be attained through determination and truth because according to his holiness, “Power comes from the gun, but in the long run the power of truth is stronger than the power of gun”.

This divulging talk of his was followed by a Q&A round where the students interacted with him and asked questions on varied topics like inner peace, positivity, dealing with negative emotions and his experiences of being the chosen one at such a young age. His holiness answered all the questions with much glee and enthusiasm without a speck of inhibition leading to cheers and applause from the guests, faculty and students throughout the event.

GIMites embraced this chance of interaction with The Dalai Lama and really hope to inculcate his lessons and teachings throughout their life to become a better person and attain the peace of mind to prosper their careers.

An outburst of the soul – Inception’18

During one of the weekends of the beautiful and lovely month of February, the campus of Goa Institute of Management was filled with  wave of creativity, fun and nostalgia with the biggest cultural event of the year, INCEPTION’2k18.


The event, spread over 2 days, was nothing less than a festival in itself. With many renowned artists performing and a lot of enthusiastic people from various colleges participating in cultural competitions, Inception’2k18 was as grand as it can get.



The two – day fun event saw Band Akshar, Sitar and Beatboxer Mansoor and Yashwant, Mesmerizing performances by Amit & Sakshi (Winners – India Banega Manch) and GIM alum Shivam Lamba who had people in splits with his stand-up comedy act.


There were numerous competitions in singing, dancing and the war of bands, which saw colleges across the country battling it out to take home the title of winners.


The sponsors for the event included renown brands like Bira91, Rio Wine Spritzers, Foxrobe, House of Spirits, Tio Tilly’s, Nisara’s, Rocket Burger, Nextech, Helix Tech, Navhind Times, Vallone Wineyards, Grafico and Goa 365.


The show ended on a happy note with fireworks lighting up the sky and everyone enjoying lip smacking food. We look forward to a bigger and better Inception the next year!

Picture Credits – Sprockets 

India Budget 2018: From a Gender Prespective

“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” – Kofi Annan

Goa Institute of Management organized a Student Presentation Competition on the theme “India’s Union Budget 2018: An analysis from the Gender Perspective”.


This event was a small contribution towards SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) also known as Global Goals 5 on Gender Equality.


It started off with a simple idea, an idea to make our students abreast with the impact of the union budget on gender equality.14 enthusiastic teams sent their entries. It was a very difficult task for our judges – Dr. Jennifer Lewis e Kamatis, Director of Kamath Infratech Pvt. Ltd and the Chairperson of the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Women’s Wing and Prof. Sarita Dsouza, advisor at Resurge Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


Finally, five teams were shortlisted to present in front of the judges. The runners up position was shared by two teams – Team: 1. Akash Gupta, Shraddha Agarwal, Kanushree Choudhary and Chetna More and Team 4:  Nikunj Gajera, Reetika Mohindru, Sanchit Nigam and Ramya Gupta.


The team emerged as a clear winner –  Crisanda D’Souza, Roshan Nair and Shweta Chakraborty


We highly appreciate the organizers of the thoughtful event and congratulate all the participating teams.

Battle it out: GIM WIZBIZ 2018

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) is back with its annual corporate quiz; WIZBIZ is scheduled to be held on 17th February 2018 at the Sanquelim campus. With the aim of increasing an industry-institute interaction, the quiz is entirely organized every year by MECCA, The Marketing Club at GIM. WIZBIZ is one of the biggest student organized national level corporate quiz contests on the lines of Brand Equity and Tata Crucible. GIM has announced a cash prize of over two lakh rupees this year.

This year, the 18th edition of GIM WIZBIZ 2018 shall yet again witness , Mr.Avinash Mudaliar as the quizmaster for the 14th year in a row. Mudaliar is one of the most renowned quizmasters of the country. He has conducted over 1500 quizzes in the last two decades, and has won over 800 quizzes. He’s the founder of 3XUS, the premier quiz organizing company in India. He’s also the quizmaster of Under The Peepal Tree (UTPT) – Asia’s largest quiz festival. He has conducted The Times Mak Moto Quiz, The EYQ – Ernst & Young Knowledge Quiz and The Power of Ideas Print Quiz conducted by Economic Times. He’s also a co-founder of and is the Head of Internet Products & Services of SaReGaMa HMV.

The event will be held in four phases as follows: WIZBIZ Weekly: an app on Facebook was used to conduct an all India daily quiz competition by team MECCA to generate awareness, garner views and increase the reach of GIM WIZBIZ. It had seen participants from all over the country for two weeks. The winners are announced at the end of the week. e-WIZBIZ: is a pre event conducted only for B-schools students, and is carried on through the dare2compete site. It spans for three days, and each day one winner is declared, who win prizes worth Rs. 2000 each day. Participants are from renowned institutions like IIM’s, NMIMS, S.P. Jain, XLRI etc. ZEAL: an in-house event of GIM, gives the students of GIM a chance to change their fate and be a part of the GIM WIZBIZ. It is a one day event, only open for GIM students. GIM WIZBIZ: national level corporate quiz contests on the lines of Brand Equity and Tata Crucible.

This year the participating teams come from companies such as Pai Kane Group, TCS, Deloitte, Nexus Consulting, Kotak Mahindra, Reckitt Benckiser India, Sai Mitra Constructions, Chennai Silks, Pidilite, Pepsi, ESPN India, Canara Bank, ISBF, Acron India, Creative Capsule Infotech, Vedanta Group, Cognizant, Blue Ocean Market Intelligence, Dive Goa, Rileen Consultants, Savoir Faire Media, Adicent Designs and Kle Society.

With the audience comprising of students and members of the corporate fraternity, this event has seen an ever increasing rise in its popularity. While GIM WIZBIZ stands out in the quizzing circles it is also known all over as the largest student organized corporate quiz. Participants at GIM WIZBIZ belong to the most established and prestigious companies across the country, with its 18th edition promising to be much better this year than the previous.

The heart of HRiday: Anveshan 2018

As businesses undergo three sixty degrees changes in their business models, disruption and transformation have become the flavors of today. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving industry, HRiday organized one of the biggest HR Business Symposium:”ANVESHAN 2018 – Embracing Disruption”.

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With a pinch of curiosity and a lot of excitement, the GIMites woke up today to a beautiful breezy morning and Anveshan. The event commenced with the inaugural ceremony that included lamp lighting by the Keynote speaker of the event – Mr. Girish Menon, Vice President, Human Resources, Swiggy and Professor V. Padmanabhan, HR & OB Chair at GIM.

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The inaugural ceremony was followed by the address by Professor V.Padmanabhan – where he talked about the theme of the symposium – Embracing Disruption. For Gyaanodaya, the keynote address, Anveshan, Mr. Menon, talked about the disruptive innovations that has been happening in Swiggy since the inception.

Image may contain: 1 person

Prof. Padmanavan reflected on the journey of Anveshan, starting from the coinage of the name to the present-day stature of it. Coming to the theme of the event, “Embracing Disruption”, he said that HRiday has also brought about Disruption by bringing about newer events. Anveshan is an event of institute’s importance. The event has become sustainable and been able to attract prime membership.


Image may contain: 1 person, standing


Mr. Menon started with the Three E’s that he believes in: Ego, Energy, Empathy. He praised HRiday for its name, as that is associated with empathy. Further on, he went on to give everyone a backdrop of Swiggy. The name means something which is unbelievably fast. It is the fastest food-delivery platform, doing three lakh orders a day. It has a growth of 6% growth in revenue and four times increase in orders, in the last financial year, valued at USD 155.5mn.


He spoke about the concept “Kitchen-in- Kitchen”, where a space is hired by Swiggy and multiple food brands come and process their offerings. In this way, there are various disruptions are occurring at the business level. There is also a very young crowd, as a part of the team. However, experience also helps. Thus, there is a mix of exuberance and experience at Swiggy, with a good mix of people ranging from startups, FMCG companies etc.


He cited the examples of a number of people/entities whose activities are aligned to that of an HR. He spoke about Carlos Slim, who has very disruptive ways of thought process. Mr. Slims has proposed a 3-day work week and extension of the retirement age beyond 58 years of age. Also, he mentioned about Charlie Munger epitomizes expert-generalist, which is very different from the conventional ways of training. It is a process of moving, getting deep and coming out. This involves learning about multiple disciplines. Ricardo Semler has written a book called “Maverick”, which is about disruptive HR practices. Next, there is Wangchuk, who is an engineer from Laddakh. Pablo Escobar is another character who knew the exact moves of his enemy. IPL, helps in talent management.


As a management person, an HR should know what drives the company’s profitability. An HR should know what’s going on in the company, across all the departments. One must always take care of the happiness index of the employees of the company. instead of only focusing on the technicalities. The strategies should involve building a network, from which meaningful decisions can be made. There must not be any territorial grabbing because there should not be any We should move from tribal thinking in HR to squad culture. There is a concept in Swiggy called Big-Beds, in which there is a break in the shackles of a tribe and think alike.


In conclusion, Mr. Menon stressed on five important aspects in the HR domain: structural engineering, employee experience and culture architecture, global talent scout, technology and what one is doing and how. He also cited a reference to what Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita: “It’s important to distant yourself from the results”. The mantra given by him: Fail, admit, learn and walk. Work relentlessly and network seamlessly.



Samiksha, a National Level Live HR Case Study competition organized as a part of Anveshan 2018. For the preliminary round, Samiksha witnessed participation from around 150 B-schools in India.

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The top 5 teams were called on GIM campus for the final round and they presented their solutions to the judges. The Judges were- Mr. Akbar Khan, former General Manager, P&A, Ashok Leyland and Mr. Waman Pednekar, Head Human Resources, Colorcon.

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The winners of the case study competitions were – Team Weekenders from Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development. The runners up were – Team Veda from Welingkar Institute of Management.



“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself” – Bob Proctor.

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Margdarshan, the Industry Mentorship Simulation Program, was organized on day 2 of Anveshan 2018 in association with TOPSIM provided by Tata Interactive Systems.

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The event involved 5 mentors from the industry mentoring teams of 2 and guiding them through a simulation game. 
The mentors were – Ms Gaury Salelkar, Assistant HR Manager, Teva Pharma, Mr Dinar Kanekar, Senior Executive HR, Rosenberger, Ms Sandhya Talekar, Senior Ofiicer HR, Vedanta, Ms Rani Mahambre, HR Manager, The Crown and Ms Aldrina Cabral, HR Manager, Colorcon.

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To have the best chance at success in an MBA and beyond, we have to consider the scope of networking and finding a niche by reaching out to the right people.

HRiday under the banner of Yukti, organized a certified workshop on “Building Networking Skills” by one of the best in class of our Industry – Ms. Runa Maitra, Founder and Director at People Talent International.

The workshop was an insightful session about the know-hows of networking and how in this tech-savvy word, people can make the best possible use of social networking tools to network better. The session also consisted of some extremely fun exercises and group activities which helped the students to gauge their networking capabilities and at the same time, find out the gap and work on them.

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HRiday teamed up with BrainVista, the quizzing club of GIM, to bring about Inquizitive, the quiz which was primarily based on Human Resources topics and current affairs of the related domain.

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Anveshan concluded with great pomp and show, underlining the very essence behind the event. The whole college was coloured in the shades and hues of HRiday, because it’s not everyday that an event consisting of such interesting insights and powerful leaders, come our way. Kudos to HRiday for pulling off the feat and putting up the best show. 🙂

Picture Credits: Sprockets 🙂

The Good Old Cricket!

“Like an author, a cricketer signs his name on every innings he bats or bowls in; indeed for every cricket ball that challenges him on the field.” – Harsha Bhogle

With so many old rules, regulations and traditions accumulated over the years, the image of cricket is enough to make you have a little chuckle to yourself and to confuse furthermore: a bunch of fellows standing around in a field running around with a ball and bat, like their lives depended on it.


Cricket: something which is not just a game in India, but a religion, altogether. Breaking all the barriers of caste and creed, cricket is something which binds everyone together.


Prayas, yet again, got the whole of GIM together for their annual cricket tournament: Basanti Cup. It was a thrill both to play the game and to watch it and its importance is no less than any sporting event. Team spirit, discipline, leadership: everything got amalgamated into one common thing on the GIM ground: the zeal for the game of cricket.


The whole event spanned  with about 15 teams who registered for it. Teams were in high spirit and full of vigour and enthusiasm. After a nail-biting semi-finals and finals, Men’s Finals was won by Team-B and Women’s Finals was won by Minions 2. Congratulations to the winners and a shoutout to all the participants!


So while cricket may be a lot of things, it certainly is a delight to watch and play. And, Prayas, for one, knows it the best!


Picture Credits – Sprockets

Decoding E-Commerce!

In the light of emerging trends in the e-commerce industry, Ribandar Talks​ organized an interactive session with Mr Avinash Parhi – Sr. Director – Strategy and E-commerce at ShopClues​. Mr. Parhi talked along the lines of understanding the Indian E-commerce industry, its evolution and the way forward.


He first spoke about the popular brands and stores and then he focused on the retail industry, comparing the organised and unorganized aspects of the industry. He said that the organised retail penetration is 8% in India vs 83% in USA. However, in India, ORP is expected to grow by 24%.


In India, people don’t want to go far to get stuff. There is the concept of getting things at an arm’s length, unlike in USA. There is also another significant difference when it comes to the back-end section. In USA, manufacturers have to work with distributor system. Manufacturers work with the retailers directly. An interesting challenge is that retail is not considered to be an industry in India. Indians don’t prefer to eat frozen food, immediate consumption and stock-up concept is not prevalent. Electricity availability is an issue.


Then, he focused on the key drivers of E-tail and E-commerce which are retail income growth, wide range of assortment and time saving. He spoke about the milestones of the industry along with the challenges it faces.


He concluded it by reflecting how it’s all about how you fine-tune your strategic move with the industry requirement. Furthermore, he talked about some of the external developments are govt initiatives gaining momentum, logistics space witnessing partnerships, empowerment of MSMEs, evolution of new payment solutions.


Ribandar Talks has done a fabulous job by bringing in a person of such stature, whose insights will help the students a lot.


Workshops Galore by CCIDT!

≡”Creativity is creating marvelous out of the discarded.”

The Centre for Creativity Innovation and Design Thinking started the new year and new term with a spree of amazing workshops: Theatre Workshop, Caricature Workshop, Doodle Workshop and Photography Workshop.


CCIDT made sure that there was everything for everyone and that each one of GIMites get to explore the creative side of themselves by immersing into the interactive and insightful workshop sessions. The sessions were hosted by some of the popular faces of the respective domains, making them more relevant and enriching.

Theatre Workshop: 

The next workshop in the workshop carnival by CCIDT was the theatre workshop – ‘Acting as Managers’. Conducted by Mr Glenn T Hayden, the 3-day workshop was filled with a lot of fun and learning.

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“Theatre can teach you a lot about being good managers” – said Glenn, a renowned theatre personality, Director, Writer and Programmer in the field of performing arts. During the workshop, Mr Glenn talked about The four pillars of expressive communication elements – Empathy, Courage, Collaboration and Creative Thinking.

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We, at GIM, believe that learning happens every moment and hence we try and create environment that helps the creative juices running of our curious minds.


Caricature Workshop: 

A clumsy president, a materialistic politician or the fat common man— such are the caricatures of life. Whether accurate or not, they can be ever powerful. Such is the effect of caricatures, which not only capture the faces but also the essence of the personalities on paper.


Mr. Partho Sengupta, quite precisely, brought about all the afore-mentioned things on the table, while conducting the Caricature workshop. Firstly, he wanted the students to explore their creativity by letting them draw on chart papers with pages of books affixed on them. The drawing was in tune with the theme of the pasted pages.


The second half of the session was mainly about caricatures and sketching out popular personalities in everyone’s own way. The session was insightful with respect to discover everyday themes in a new perspective.

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Doodle Workshop:

Often, we come across the popular saying that doodle is a waste of time and does not lead to productivity. However, the workshop opened new avenues of thoughts and Ms. Ruchi Shah changed this perspective completely. She showed the students that what has been discounted as a vestitial activity, is actually an awesome way to ward away boredom and let your creative juices flow. Also, it increases focus and concentration.

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The first session was about abstract doodling and the next session was about theme-based doodling. Even the people who have never tried their hand in doodling found the workshop equal to a new way of looking at the entire concept of doodling.

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Photography Workshop:

Photographs stop time and let the viewers relive memories. The photography workshop conducted by Mr. Harsh Kamat had the prime theme in focus as Table Top and Portrait photography. The first session primarily focused on the basics of photography like ISO levels, aperture, shutter speed etc. Also, the various kinds of accessories with respect to lighting were introduced and shown the necessary usage.

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Portrait and table-top photography happened during the second session. Firstly, the pictures were taken in natural light and then in studio light inside a classroom. Both kinds of pictures were compared and the students were shown the minute differences exhibited by change in light levels.

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Picture Credits – Sprockets